Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Non-Day 4 Picture

The Day 4 picture for the February Photo-A-Day Challenge was supposed to be of a stranger, but I didn't really think that was the best way to photograph my everyday life, plus I felt like a creeper trying to take a discreet picture of a stranger. Instead, I decided to finally post a picture of our tattoos. Nate and I got our "wedding tattoos" a little over a month ago, on the day before our two-year anniversary. We had been talking about them for a while and I finally got brave enough to go through with it. 
We went with two interlocking hearts because Nate used to draw two little interlocking hearts at the bottom of all of his love notes to me. It was the same symbol that he used to mark passages about love and marriage in his Bible. As it turns out, our tattoos represent our marriage even more than we though they would. As much as  we each love our own tattoo, what we love best is how they look together. In the same sense, we are better because of the time that we have spent together and the experiences we have shared. We are better together. Our little hearts are meaningful to us and we love our tattoos!

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