Thursday, February 9, 2012

More February Pictures

The theme of my February Photo-A-Day Challenge posts so far seems to be "Well, the picture was supposed to be ....., but its actually......, because .......". It turns out I'm really bad at remembering to take a picture everyday. And some days, even when I do remember, I still can't take the right picture. That's how Day 8 went. The picture was supposed to be of the sun, but I leave for work at 6:45am and get home at 5:45pm, so I don't really have very many sun-photo-taking opportunities during the week. Don't get me wrong, some mornings, I drive to work surrounded by a gorgeous pink/orange/reddish sky, but I try to refrain from taking pictures while driving. So for Day 8, I took a picture of our dinner since its one of our favorites and I forgot the picture on the actual "dinner" day. Here it is, Cajun Chicken:
Please excuse my extremely poor photography skills (although, I think I should get some credit for using our awesome square white plates instead of the paper plates we would have used if I was taking a picture).
And here is Day 9, which is actually what it's supposed to be: the front door!!! Yay, I remembered!!!
The pinecones were inspired by a pin I saw on Pinterest. They probably look a bit random by themselves but they go great with my "winter mantel" in the living room (which I hope I might remember to take pictures of some day).
That's it for now. Maybe I'll get those mantel pictures tomorrow while its still light outside. 
Then, maybe someday my house will clean enough to be considered "photographable" and I will finally get pictures of our totally adorable apartment up on here. But that's a long shot...  :)

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