Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 7 Photo

Let's just pretend that we were supposed to skip days 5 and 6 of the February Photo-A-Day Challenge. That's  a much better story than the truth, which is that I forgot. Unfortunately, the theme for both days was somewhat time-sensitive. Day 5 was "10 AM" at which time I was pouring my coffee and getting to rush out the door for church. Day 6 was "Dinner" but I forgot until after Nate and I had already devoured our tacos and disposed of the evidence. Oh well, too bad. Today's theme was "Button". I decided to take a picture of my latest favorite button:

the "Auto" button on the coffee pot. I used to get my coffee ready every night before bed when Nate and I were in second year up at Word of Life NY.  I just had to hit the auto button and then I would wake up every morning to the sound and smell of fresh coffee brewing. I felt like such a cool college student as I would sip my coffee at my desk while I got ready for class and did my quiet time. Nowadays, I usually get my coffee when I get to work in the morning. Recently, though, we decided not to brew coffee at work for  a while, so I started brewing it at home. Since I still really hate getting up in the mornings and I'm always running late, I've started setting the pot at night again. Let me just say that whoever invented the "auto" button was a genius! 

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